Spinning, spinning, spinning

Do you remember that feeling of being a little kid and spinning and spinning and spinning around until you finally stopped, had an AwfulWonderful feeling of dizziness and fell down in a pile of giggles while your equilibrium caught up to you? That is me folks. I think it might be my whole family. But we aren’t quite to the giggles.

Last time I wrote, I alluded to a New Adventure. Since June 4 –

we worked more, and some more, and some more on the house

the house was listed officially last week

on Saturday night we began a super-long drive to Greenville, SC (the kids are so great at this road trip thing)

on Sunday late afternoon we arrived in Greenville (still feeling like the kids are great, and liking our marriage)

on Sunday we found out that three showings had been scheduled for Monday and Tuesday

on Monday, we explored nooks and crannies of Greenville and the surrounding area, ending with a great dinner with some new friends

on Monday evening we slept in a condo with broken a/c in what the locals are calling a ‘hot snap’ (my character was a little bit tested)

Tuesday morning, Caleb had an audition at the Fine Arts Center

was accepted

and placed in the Jazz Program

and that school starts August 18

Tuesday afternoon we all met the Director of the Children’s Theatre

drove around through more nooks and crannies

heard that one of the showings may want to have a second look

Tomorrow we will visit the Library

and begin to make our way back to Waterville

to figure out

do we just keep spinning so that we can’t feel the dizziness

or will we find the grace of equilibrium in the midst of something New.

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