And here we are….

On June 23, I wrote about how things were moving fast.

On July 3, I wrote about why we were moving.

Today, I am writing to say that we are here. It has all happened. When I look at my banking statements, we began to get ready to sell the house in Waterville LESS THAN THREE MONTHS AGO. Middle of May. And today, Caleb began study at The Fine Arts Center in Greenville SC. Tomorrow the girls and I will go to a “NOT back to school” homeschool party at a state park nearby.

Is it any wonder that at moments I am full of energy and focus and enthusiasm, and at other moments I am falling asleep multiple times while trying to read one page (the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penney is my fiction companion this summer)?

Overwhelmed with the goodness of it all. Overwhelmed with the equal parts pain, excitement, fear, and trust that I see in my kids eyes. Overwhelmed that our marriage is working to grow with this stress. Overwhelmed that a dream quietly whispered, an if only, is coming to pass.

Not in meager ways, but in abundant ways. In a room for each child. In the ability to bring our cat. In the room to have Marc work at home and the many options for him to work out of the home. In connections with lawyers, insurance, and homeschool groups. In the joyful willingness of a ‘stranger’ to be listed as emergency contact on school forms.

It is our first rainy overcast day here in SC. But even with the overcast, there is light that shines through. The first time I experienced this was in WA this past winter. It was gray, but it was gray with a backlight. In Maine, the gray seemed impenetrable and never-ending; heavy. The gray skies hold hope here.

A reflection of my heart? Maybe or maybe not.


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