Five Minute Friday – Joy

  I spent a season a few years ago taking the weekly challenge to write for five minutes in response to a word. Somehow stumbled across the #fiveminutefriday challenge this past week and decided “Sure, I’ll give it a go.” Want to join me? You will find all the information here:

And now, the word this week: Joy!

I went to the mall looking for joy this morning. Well, I went to the mall looking for some presents that have been alluding me. And when I saw that the word for today at #FMF was Joy (and had no immediate idea of where to go with it), I decided I would look for Joy at the mall.

What first caught my eye was a poster of snowmen with a big stylistic Joy written in glittery, italic font. In a moment of observation, I found myself thinking “I don’t ever remember seeing a Christmas Card or poster or advertisement that included a Nativity scene and the word Joy. I’ve seen stars, trees, angels, Santa, globes …. But never that quiet, little, messy scene of birth.

How ironic, I thought. But how revealing. I would most like joy to feel like a surge of positive emotion. I would like it to be reflected in a tidy, festively decorated home (for whichever holiday). I would like it be found in harmonious relationships and everyone holding hands.


But joy, real Joy, sometimes gets it’s start in the messy, hidden miracles in our lives.

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