Hopecaptive became my screen-name years ago. I can’t remember when. And I can’t find the Bible passage that inspired it. It was one of the prophets. In one of the passages about moving from captivity to freedom. The phrasing went something “you were captives… but I will make you captives of hope.” Where did I read it? Which version (most likely NIV or The Message). The phrase struck me. The words stuck. I continued to roll it around in my mind and heart and mouth.

What would it mean to live as a captive to hope.

Surely, you might say, but we are no longer captives – it is for freedom that we have been set free. Yes. We are. But my reality is that I frequent my captive ruts as often as I do my freedom rails.

So hopecaptive is my commitment that IF I am going to have be captive, I will INTEND to be captive to HOPE.

Another interesting word extension is ‘captive-ate.’ Captive is always associated as negative, but if something is Captive-ating – we are in a posture of curiosity, wonder, study. If I am captivated by you or a work of art or the Author, Creator, Essence of Hope – I get lost in it. I picture myself in it. I lose the immediacy of the noise and smells that are HopeCaptive is what I want to be growing towards living daily.

I want my family life, my homeschool life, my married life, my Jesus life – all to be my being captivated by Hope – and to offer others a chance to get lost in the work of art that Hope is dabbling in my life.

(published December 31, 2015)

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