About Izzie

written in the Fall of 2012 – found in Evernote



Not a plantain, but often called a weed. 🙂

My friend Izzie – there are so many cool things about her. Our youngest girls are best friends – they probably don’t remember a time when the other wasn’t there. We eat, talk, pray, play guitar and sing together. Izzie and I will sit around a talk about nothing and then she will ask ‘how is it with your soul?’ And it’s okay. (It wouldn’t be okay coming from a lot of people.)

But the thing that I think is most cool about Izzie today happened today. Anna got stung. Her first sting. And it hurt. I ran to get some salve for her and Izzie ran to the front yard saying something under her breath as she went. She came back in with a leaf and asked for a mortar and pestle. I don’t happen to have one hanging around my house so Izzie asked if I minded her saliva mixed with this plant that it became apparent was going to be put on the sting site.

Izzie chewed. Izzie applied. We held the chewed plantain onto the sting site with band aid. Ice applied to held numb the site as the plantain drew the poison from the stinger out. Anna felt better. So did I.

Everyone should have a friend who will chew on yard weeds to comfort your child.

A Lesson from the Trombone Section

A few weeks ago, we went to the District Jazz Festival. Caleb’s ensemble played in the morning. We decided to return to the Festival after lunch to listen to our high school jazz band and a few others. The district Jazz festival is kind of a try-out for states. The bands that get a certain rating are invited to a state competition. (Both of Waterville bands received a high rating and are invited to states.)

One ensemble was especially fun to watch in the afternoon. There were less than 20 kids in this particular jazz band. And five of them were trombones. One trombone is loud. Five could be overpowering, especially in an ensemble this size. But this ensemble never featured the trombones. All the pieces gave the melody to instruments that were ‘in the minority’.

But I loved the trombone players best.  Why? Because they loved the music and they appreciated the music of their fellow musicians. They entered into the music. When someone had a solo, their faces and posture celebrated the magnificence of the music being played. They did it in a way that didn’t draw attention to themselves, but that threw attention onto whoever the musician was that was being featured.

I want to live life that way. Brassy, bold, enjoying the gifts of the people in my particular ‘ensembles’ in a way that makes you pay attention to them even more carefully.

from Sweden to Hong Kong

This past weekend we met Ka Ho (or Matthew). He is a first year student at Colby, from Hong Kong. We applied to host an international student at Colby, and he is our guy. He is a really nice person, and we are so excited to have him as part of our family.

From Sweden

Last week, we got to have lunch with a friend from Sweden, who Marc met in Jerusalem the year before he and I met. Christian comes from southern Sweden, is involved with Vineyard over there, and was visiting Vancouver to lecture at a college. He had driven from Vancouver to upstate NY to see and cousin, and came the rest of the way to see us!

Here is everyone minus me after lunch together!