Five Minute Friday


My February 1 FiveMinuteFriday. Got a word and five minutes and feel the rush of just writing. No editing, just writing. For  more info and to join the fun head over the LisaJoBaker’s site. And I dare you to try it. 🙂

This week’s word: AFRAID.



I’m afraid my kids won’t love writing. I’m afraid that I’m somehow failing them terribly with their Language Arts. Do they know enough about prepositions, participles, and pronoun? Do they recognize they clever use of PPP that I just used in that sentence?

It’s at the top of the important things to learn. For me anyway. Writing is. They all write differently.

The boy with more and more confidence. But will my guidance feel too picky – shut down his brain – not encourage.

My middle wants it perfect before she puts it on paper. So much like me. The balance of pushing and pulling.

My youngest has no abandon and hates correction. Oh, the formula for gray hair.

But I want them to love writing. To find the freedom. To meet me.

Me, MuchAfraid turning to HopeCaptive. Me Mommy on her (figurative – because I’m getting old and the floors are cold) knees praying for their release.

Does it have to be their passion? No. But I want it to be Freedom, NOT Fear for them, this writing thing.



FiveMinuteFriday – Dive

Five Minute Friday My first FiveMinuteFriday post of 2013. Got a word and five minutes and feel the rush of just writing. For more info and to join the fun head over the LisaJoBaker’s site.

This week’s word: DIVE.


Perched on the tip-top of the snowbank on the top of the hill, ready to go, to lose herself for a short but limitless flight to the bottom of whatever her imagination has chosen today. She doesn’t spend too much time planning the route or stabilizing the sled. I used to. Just enough to get herself into it and propel forward. Diving down the shallow hill and the deep story that she has constructed. It is never a simple trip down a hill with her these days – it always starts with ‘pretend like’ and ‘then imagine if…’ She’s a very organized pretend play-er.


Oh the things I could learn from her quickness to dive in – to whatever place she finds herself. Water, snow, story, emotions (the pretty and unpretty) – it’s all or nothing with her. It is a wonder that she hasn’t had any trips to the emergency room in her almost 8 years.

What would it look like if I adopted even 25% of her lack of caution? There have been times when I (we, really) have done that. Maybe our life of homeschool and independent work looks like that to some people. But we always get used to the water we swim in, don’t we? And then it is time to dive a different way or into different water.

Imagine if….

FiveMinuteFriday – Roots

“So now on Fridays a group of people who love to throw caution to the wind and just write without worrying if it’s just right gather to share what five minutes buys them. Just five minutes.” Lisa-Jo Baker (click here to read more about it)

This week’s word is ROOTS:

Five Minute Friday I bought one of those ‘washes out in 28 washes’ hair color kits this summer. I didn’t want to commit to taking care of my roots on a regular basis. I wasn’t sure I wanted to hide my silver grey permanently. It is nice silver. Most days.

But something in the color or the kit has NOT washed out, and now if I take the time to study my details in the mirror (not always my best choice) I can see that my roots are showing… a line across my scalp that declares ‘chemical color was here’.

The Bible says that gray hair is a crowning glory – a sign of wisdom. And when I think about each event and person that I contribute gray/silver to, I hope that is my return on investment.

My roots are showing. The sign that I’ve poured myself out and lived an invested life.

To celebrate them or hide them (and celebrate them privately) – that is the question that came to mind when I read the word ‘roots’.

FiveMinuteFriday meets 31 days Of Christmas Planning IN REAL LIFE

This post was written at an InRealLife Party Five Minute Friday party at the Allume Conference. There was a room full of women who all wrote for five minutes together and then lots got up and read their posts in an open mic setting. It was seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of.
The word this week: Voice
Lift up your voice, all ye saints!
It’s Christmas time! Don’t be quiet. 
You are a child of the King and the King has come and will come again!
Sing songs of quiet.
Songs of Joy.
Blare the trumpets. Strum the harp.
Whatever it is, Lift UP your voice!
How will I use my voice this Christmas? To grumble at the traffic or crowds. 
Or to be a light. To be a voice that will proclaim a way in the wilderness. 
Lift up your voice.

31 days meets #fiveminutefriday: LOOK

As I began participating in the 31days blog challenge with thenester (and good friendsElisa and Spring), I had already told a group of women that I would commit to four FiveMinuteFridays – just to try the whole ‘link up’ thing. I decided that it would be a fun challenge (and maybe a disaster that I could laugh about) do this along with the 31 day blog challenge. 

The question is What kind of word will Lisa-Jo Baker come up with and how will it work for my topic…. I have no control over that. And the thought of making it work kind of gives me a thrill.

#fiveminutefriday meet 31days of Christmas preparation. The word this week:  


How many things have I missed because I was hurrying to get things done – especially during the holiday season? How many eyes full of discovery and hearts full of wonder have I not seen? How many beautiful, humble displays have I overlooked as I sought the SHINIEST, BRIGHTEST, EASIEST?

I can’t think of a better code word for Christmas planning. Like a super-power cue to stop, sit, and BE. 

LOOK at the child staring in wonder at the lights on the tree in the middle of town.

LOOK at your eyes of the 80yr old who is listening to the Christmas story for the 80th time. 

LOOK into your heart and let it wonder as you imagine LOOKING at the star. 

LOOKing draws us into community. LOOKing draws us into further relationship with the BabyAbba.

Perhaps the phrase for crossing the street that we all learned (didn’t we) and have taught our littles, could signal a new plan for Christmas.