Morning Glories

In the past, I’ve shared pictures of my sunflowers. I did plant sunflowers this year, in a  different place, but this summer the flowers that were most captivating were my morning glories.

You can see that I started out with a very pretty bamboo place for my flowers to climb. We came home after a week away and the plants had literally dragged down the poles and kept the bamboo poles hidden until I cleaned the bed this fall and pulled them out of the woven trap.

The flowers were slow in growing, but when they came they were so abundant.

(I’m still learning iPhoto on my mac, after being a picassa girl for years. Anyone have any favorite easy mac photo software?)


I came across these two pictures of our little front garden when I was sorting on Picassa last night.

It was quite surprising to look at these images, taken on May 30.
This is what it the flower patch looks like now.

I have faith that that is how my growth happens, too. Not seeing a big difference day to day, but sometimes getting snapshots of how different I am now from what I was then. Amen.

Sunflowers 2011

These were my sunflowers at the end of the Summer 2008 (and my girls). It was my first try at sunflowers. I had used an idea from the book Roots Shoots Bucket and Boots and have morning glories growing among them.

These are my sunflowers from Summer 2010.

These are my sunflowers, so far, this year. They are on the totally opposite side of the house in a new, dug and prepped today, bed. Stay tuned for pictures as they grow (7-10 days till germination).


This is where I started yesterday. This was full of lilies. Full. But I have designs on covering this east facing brick garage wall with morning glories. Three varieties have already grown an inch in the starter pots. I’m busily searching for how early I can plant without high risk of frost. 
I continued today around the corner of the patio. This will be home of some our our resituated lilies.
To the bed that is situated along the patio wall  (yes, we know we need to get that brick work worked on – one thing at at time!). This will be home to a couple bulbs that we left where they were, daisy’s, violets, and marigolds (Anna’s favorite).


And I had some sometime helpers. They were fun while they lasted. (You can also see a bit of the ‘before’ in this picture, too).
A good Mother’s Day Weekend.