Back to School, all of us

SeptemberLast week we headed back to school. All of us. Caleb began high school. Anna began Junior High. Sofia began third grade. And I started the second semester of working on my Masters.

It is our 11th year of homeschooling (we did do some structured PreK – hey, a Mom’s gottta get her badges however she can!). On top of our homeschool curriculums, Caleb is doing Band and Intro to Art at our public high school, and Anna is doing Band and Chorus at the local junior high.

I thought I couldn’t imagine doing anything in addition to homeschooling. But when the opportunity to begin my Masters came last May, we opted to walk through what looked like an open door and see how far the road would go.  My first semester (Biblical and Theological Worship Foundations) was great. For someone who has been out of academia for 17 years, I was shocked to find how much I find myself at home.

KaleoInstitute is where I will be earning my Master of Worship Ministries.  It has been a top notch academic challenge while at the same time challenging me to grow in my relationship with Jesus with an equal strength.  The folks I’ve met in class are people I can’t wait to meet here or in heaven.

The course is entirely online, and if you’ve been ‘out of school’ for as long as I have you will be shocked at how flexible education is with the technology tools available to us today! Imagine listening to a lecture on your phone over the bluetooth in your car while you are trucking the brood around. And when you miss something, just backing it up a bit. You can make your professor repeat themselves as many times as you need!

It is kind of interesting that I am studying worship. After leading in one form or another, mostly in small groups, for 10 years, it has been three years since I have led in any way. The guitar stays mounted on the wall where I can grab it. To be honest, I’ve asked God if I could just be done with it. But he never gave the okay to that. So now I’m studying worship, just putting one foot in front of the other on the road that is open before me.

This semester we are going to do two classes – the History of Biblical Worship and Music and the Arts. Just like I hadn’t seriously considered working on my Masters while homeschooling the brood, I hadn’t even considered that I could handle two classes. But again the opportunity arose – the door opened. After praying about it, it was Caleb who said “Mom, I think you should do this. We are old enough to support you as you do this.” (sigh)

So school, my school, is what is getting a lot of my writing time these days. And when I have time to make time to write here, it might just be about school and what I’m learning. It’ll be a new tone for hopecaptive. But let me tell you, the stuff I’m reading and learning and thinking about is SO cool.